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Know what you need?

Any of the rental fees can be paid via the ON LINE PAYMENT System.

Please note: there are certain charges to you if you use this method. You may also pay with certified / bank check, or money order. No cash accepted.


​Owner Information

There are many reasons property owners need to rent their homes. Whether it's a pure investment property, a property that won't sell in current market conditions, or you are in need of moving for a job transfer, education or other life opportunities​. We can help find a tenant, maintain your home, and get your income stream going quickly.

There are many property management companies out there. Some discount fees. Call us to see why our 50 years of customer service experience, and continually growing reputation among tenants and other agents makes us the sought after property management company in St. Augustine. Put your trust in a team that's been in place for 20+ years in St. Augustine. That have their own investment properties, have rehabbed properties and have a knowledge about repairs and upgrades.  We have guided owners and tenants through category 5 hurricanes, a pandemic, growth and recession. We've seen just about every scenario possible, good and bad.

There is more to renting a property than just listing it for rent. We can help you maximize your potential income with proven property enhancement recommendations, marketing, and tenant retention. Call us to discuss your investment property.

-- Are you selling your house, but can’t get a fair price and thinking of renting it?

-- Are you an investor and not sure you are getting maximum rent and service from your rental property?
-- Are you planning to invest and need honest real-world property assessment and sales experience?
-- Are you contemplating a job transfer and can’t sell your house?
-- Would you be happy to know the rental market is on fire and we have tenants in need of homes?

Contact us today to see what our experienced property management and investor sales team can do for you. 

Email Peter Fragale, managing broker or call 904.808.7368

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