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A good rule of thumb is to remember that any maintenance issue that could potentially cause injury, serious property damage, or a threat to health and safety is considered an emergency. Some examples of these maintenance concerns include:

PLUMBING:  Broken Water Lines / Flooding / Sewer Back Up / Extreme Leaking Roof / Gas Leak / Broken Gas Line

HVAC: No Air Conditioning in Extreme Heat Conditions / No Heat in Winter

ELECTRICAL: Dangerous broken wires / Hazardous Electrical Conditions

CALL 911: Police Matters, Fire, Medical Emergencies



When an issue does not pose an immediate threat to health, safety, or property, it is not an emergency. That said, these items below should still be reported as a maintenance request during normal business hours. Here are some examples below:

Burnt Out Lightbulbs or Fixture / Appliance Malfunction / No Hot Water \ Ice Maker is Broken / No Air Conditioning (if the outside temperature is below 90 degrees) / No Heat (if the outside temperature is below 50 degrees) / Noise Complaints / Parking Disputes / Minor Leaks


Please keep in mind that after hours emergency service does not automatically mean a vendor will respond. We do our best to reach an available vendor(s) that can assist as soon as possible. We provide vendors your contact information, so please answer calls from “strange” numbers and be available for when they can respond.

Reminder: We urge all tenants to have renter’s insurance to cover your personal losses. Owner is not responsible for any loss or damage to your personal items, food, cars, etc.

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