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Click below to process an application for tenant or guarantor. On-line through Paylease or download/print versions available.


scroll down to complete the form. The application will be electronically sent to us for review.

You will be directed to a third-party vendor to process payment

Any of the rental fees can be paid via Zego online. Zego note:  % fee for credit card for rent/security payments. Bank info is only small flat feeApplication fees are free of charge.

You may also pay with certified / bank check, or money order. 
No cash accepted.


Separate application fee applies.

Some dog breeds/pet types are restricted. Pet screening result may alter application acceptance.

Tenant Application ​


Great!! You've found your rental home. Let's get the application process started. 

Rental Application Process

You will find the tenant application available as an on-line form or download. Please read the Rental Policy and Rental Applications carefully and supply all requested information and material to help facilitate a speedy processing of your application. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If your lease will require a guarantor, the same application process applies. It is highly advised that you speak with a property manager before completing your application and submitting payments. Sorry, we do not offer corporate or sublet short term type leases. 


        Proof of income: pay stubs, recent tax returns, bank statements showing liquid balances, employment lettersaccountant prepared earning statement, any other form of income (alimony, child support, etc). We do not accept individual deposits via online payment portals i.e. Venmo, Square, etc.  The application process will include income and identification verification.



  • Applicant(s) combined income must be three (3.3) times the monthly rental amount. 

  • Income amounts must be verified in writing, applicant may provide recent pay stub(s).

  • If applicant is self-employed, then the most recent tax returns, most recent checking account statements showing income deposits or statements from a CPA must be provided.

  • Employment must be regional to St. Augustine or proof on contract work from out of state employer.

  • All supplemental income (Social Security, Pension, Child Support/Alimony) must be verified in writing.


Rental / Mortgage History:

  • A maximum of two (2) late payments/NSF during the past 12 months.

  • Applicant must have no lease violations requiring legal notice.

  • Applicant must not receive a “NO” answer to question “Would you re-rent?”

  • If Applicant has rented from a private landlord the past twelve 12 months, then applicant must provide most recent canceled checks/money order receipts of rental payments.


Credit History:

  • Applicant and/or Guarantor’s credit history will be obtained from major credit bureau. Credit score of 600+ required. Any negative information must be fully explained by tenant/guarantor to determine eligibility in our rental program. Note: Any active bankruptcy will result in an automatic disqualification.


Criminal History:

  • A criminal records background check will be obtained on every applicant. Certain felony or serious misdemeanor convictions may disqualify tenant.


Eviction/Broken lease:

  • Applicant must not have been evicted or moved out without notice from any residence within the past five (5) years.


$100.00 Application Fee per each Tenant or Guarantor (all tenants age 18+ required)

$ First Month's Rent (Payable to hold property once approved - see Disclosure Statement on application)

$ Security (Payable five days prior to move-in, security based per application, minimum of 120% of rent)

 Students: Security based on % of rent per number of occupant: (1) 120%, (2) 150%, (3) 200%

Application fees are non-refundable once background checks are initiated. Any returned funds may take up to 14 days depending on varied banking processes. 

Pet Owners:

Please complete the pet application at Pet Screening. A separate application fee will apply. Based on the pet application, monthly pet fees start at $40/mo per pet added to rent. Shorter term leases will require a flat fee. Pet Liability Insurance may be required. Results of pet screening may alter application acceptance.

​All applications and/or supporting documents can be emailed to your property manager.


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